Leather care tips

Our handbags and footwear are made in Italy using only genuine leather. The occasional small mark or vein is a natural feature of its beauty, and not an imperfection. With proper care, your bag will remain beautiful for many, many years: 

- Keep your bag or shoes stored in a dry place, away from sun, humidity and direct heat. The sun can alter its color, humidity can cause mould, and heat can dry up the leather, eventually causing it to crack.
- When storing your bag, fill it with tissue paper so as to maintain its shape.

- As contact with water can cause spots, if the bag gets wet, gently pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth and let it dry naturally in a well ventilated area. Never use a hairdryer to speed the drying process.

- In order to remain soft and smooth, leather needs to breathe: never store your bag or shoes in a plastic bag but use the provided cotton pouch or a cardboard box.

- Just like your own skin, the leather of your bag needs occasional mosturizing: nourish it with a natural leather cream every 3-4 months or just use your neutral, no alchool face cream.

- Calf leather: If dirty, clean with a very soft cloth and a little bit of mild milk detergent. For tougher stains try with a white eraser. Always test your cleaning product on the inside of the bag or a hidden area first.

- Suede or nubuck: clean using a soft, dry cloth or a very soft brush. Never use abrasive surfaces to rub your bag. If you have any questions, please contact us.